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Guangzhou hospitality · popular models
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  • 别克GL8 别克GL8 By car / self-driving Buick GL8

    Introduction: 400 yuan / day
  • 18座九龙商务车 18座九龙商务车 Driving/self-driving 18 Kowloon commercial vehicles

    Introduction: 500 yuan / day
  • 15-20座 丰田考斯特 15-20 Toyota Court

    Introduction: 700 yuan / day
  • 金旅中巴 仿考斯特 金旅中巴仿考斯特 Ctrip Golden Travel CMB

    Introduction: 500 yuan / day
  • 丰田阿尔法 Toyota Alpha

    Introduction: 1500 yuan / day
  • 2.4 别克商务车 小头别克 2.4 别克商务车小头别克 By car / self-driving 2.4 Buick business car small head Buick

    Introduction: 300 yuan / day
Guangzhou hospitality · latest models
Impression · Guangzhou hospitality car rental
Providing quality car rental services---Integrity services, never stop
First, a full range of services
★ You can choose your favorite car according to your needs, and enjoy the fun of driving. ★ According to your needs, you can arrange 天堂在线黄av在线观看亚洲女优视频 service drivers to provide a full range of services, such as daily rental, long-term rental and short-term rental.
Second, the profession is trustworthy!
★ All-round upgrade and extension services for existing running vehicles ★ New vehicles can be purchased upon request
Third, supporting services to solve customer worries
★ In the process of renting a car, customers can enjoy our 天堂在线黄av在线观看亚洲女优视频 supporting services, including rescue, overhaul, maintenance, annual inspection, vehicle license procedures, and vehicle replacement.
Contact · Guangzhou Hospitality Car Rental
广州好客汽车租赁有限公司 <br /> 联系电话:18026324068 Contact us Guangzhou Haoke 天堂在线黄av在线观看亚洲女优视频 <br /> Tel: 18026324068
After-sales line: 020-87637179
Contact: Mr. Guan / Miss Liao Fax Address: 020-87637179
Address: Room 412, No. 85 Shatai South Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Guangzhou online car rental service
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Hand in hand · Guangzhou hospitality car rental
Thanks to the following partners for their long-term support!
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  • ULS partner
  • LG cooperation merchant
  • Guangzhou Marathon
Entering the hospitality car rental
Quality assurance, sincere service
Guangzhou Car Rental|Guangzhou Car Rental Company|Guangzhou CMB Rental|Guangzhou Business Car Rental-Guangzhou Hospitality Car Rental Company
Guangzhou Haoke 天堂在线黄av在线观看亚洲女优视频 is a car rental company officially established with the approval of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Excellent management, strong strength, safety first, reputation first, service first" business management philosophy, serving business people and individuals, collective travel, passenger travel chartered cars, conference etiquette cars, airport transfers, commuting to rent a car, etc. The comprehensive service platform is mainly for domestic and foreign enterprises, Chinese and foreign guests, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and other tourists. The company is based on the concept of people-oriented and serving the public, providing convenient and efficient services for your car rental needs anytime, anywhere. More than ten years of development, the company's service quality and scale...
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  • Environmental Management System Certification
  • Quality compliance unit

  • business license
Hospitality show
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Focus · Hospitality
Subsidized after the sale of 8.98-11.98 million BYD e2 listed [ more details ]
★ 首款纯电动跑车保时捷Taycan明日首秀 [2019-09-03] ★ The first pure electric sports car Porsche Taycan tomorrow's first show
★ 上市当月订单破3万,因为它叫卡罗拉 [2019-08-29] ★ The order for the listing in the month broke 30,000 because it is called Corolla.
★ 小排量强势新车大排量发动机渐行渐远 [2019-08-28] ★ Small displacement and strong new car large displacement engine is gradually drifting away
★ 外观运动奇瑞艾瑞泽e将于8月25日上市 [2019-08-22] ★ Appearance sports Chery Arizae will be listed on August 25th
★ 哪吒新款N01上市补贴后6.68万起 [2019-08-16]Where is the new N01 listed subsidy after 66,800
★ 路虎卫士70周年限量款后,路虎再推卫士升级套件,硬汉依旧! [2019-08-07] ★ Land Rover Defender's 70th Anniversary Limited Edition, Land Rover then pushes the guards upgrade kit, the tough guy is still!
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